Thursday, February 12, 2009

I read this on another blog and saved it and then I moved along and cannot recall what blog I snagged it from. Fortunately, it was not original to that blogger so I do not feel too bad.

"I do not read to think.
I do not read to learn.
I do not read to search for truth
I know the truth, the truth is hardly what I need.
I read to dream.
I read to live. In other people's lives.
I read about the joys the world
dispenses to the fortunate,
And listen for the echoes.
I read to live,
To get away from life!"

Taken from one of the more tragic figures of the American stage, Fosca, in Passion.

At first, I thought this was a really cool quote, and then I really started thinking. Wow this is arrogant! I wish I “knew the truth” well enough that I no longer had a need to learn. Though I could not imagine how dull my existence would be if I did not continue to learn and grow and discover deeper and greater truths.

How can I know if my truth is The Truth if I do not listen to your truth or the next guys? I will allow that in the above they do not capitalize Truth so maybe they are not implying that they can prove 42 is the answer.

I read for all of the above reasons, and others as well.

I read to think – when I find something that stretches my brain, I feel good. Learn something new everyday, which should be the world’s motto.
I read to learn – there are times I will pick up something simply for the purpose of educating myself.
I read to search for truth – I am not sure what this means. There is a spiritual truth and then there is the truth under any topic you encounter. If reading to find the truth means reading more than one viewpoint, then I am there.
I read to dream – every Conde Nast or Sunset magazine I pick up is all about dreaming. When I browse through travel guides or even the Sunday Travel section it is to dream.
I read to live – I think my Bible fits this category the best. I read it for all of the above, but I read it for direction in my life.
As for the concluding portion of the above quote – I read for the pleasure of reading. I read to get lost in someone else’s story, real or fiction. I read to get away from today, but I like to come back to reality as well

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