Sunday, February 22, 2009


This is an old poem. The form is called a quatern and one I played with a good deal a few years back. The very first line repeats in each stanza, moving down one place so that in the fourth stanza it becomes the concluding line. There is line length and rhyme to consider as well.
For a diagram and description look here.


Sister’s staring out the window
seeing none of the passing sights.
Her destiny chosen for her
a life of simple piety.

The train rolling further afield
Sister’s staring out the window.
She doffs her cap in defiance
setting free hair, too long confined.

The whistle blows, another town,
a platform beckons trav’lers home.
Sister’s staring out the window
past the present to brighter days.

A mother spies this lonely face
A single tear rolls down her cheek.
Not her daughter, but so alike,
Sister’s staring out the window.

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  1. One thing I enjoy about your poetry is the way it evokes a mood so well.